Driven by diversity

CQPH (Cultural Intelligence Philippines) connects the world to the Filipino soul. We deliver solutions by creating programs—curated cultural immersions, publicly-run urban adventures, and specialized consulting services—that take you on modern-day voyages of discovery.

Curated experiences for the discerning traveler

We specialize in creating unique walking tour experiences that narrate the compelling stories of the Filipino people using historic sites as a visual tapestry of our heritage.

Essentially, we use history as a lens to try and understand why the Filipinos act the way they do and our clients love our tours because we’re not the usual, boring litany of dates, names, and trivia. We talk about the Filipino people’s place in history and encourage insightful conversations with our guests. Our success with this approach is reflected with how highly rated our reviews are on platforms like TripAdvisor.

This narrative-driven and fact-based approach has led to a more than healthy recognition of the quality of the service that we provide—so much so that we have had many high profile clients on our tours such as former Member of the Legislative Assembly Thomas Lukaszuk of Alberta, Canada, former Deputy Prime Minister Abdullah Dardari of Syria, and even Queen Sofia of Spain.

We don’t just do tours.

When you hire CQPH, you’re hiring a diverse group of experts who are conscious about our impact on the big picture, regardless of us being a small enterprise.



Intelligent solutions for a global workforce

Originally designed to give foreign individuals (particularly political and corporate bodies) a thorough understanding of the Filipino mindset, these programs will help you understand the Filipino and how he sees himself at home, in his community, and in the workplace.

By combining business acumen and extensive knowledge of Philippine cultural norms, our insights will help transform your school or office culture by eliminating Filipino cultural idiosyncrasies and bringing out the best of the Filipino soul.

Why is cultural intelligence important?

The Philippines’ societal and professional landscape is so diverse that everyone is required the ability to thrive in a multicultural environment. A low CQ is an unnecessary disadvantage you can’t afford.



Sophisticated learning in a community setting

Help us keep our national identity and culture alive! Join public runs of our tours and workshops to learn about Philippine history in a community setting, and to meet amazing like-minded individuals with the same passion for the Filipino heritage.

Celebrate the Philippines’ 121st year of sovereignty by immersing yourself in local culture! From ancient scripts to colonial history to modern Manila, we’ve got you covered.

Buy the 3-in-1 Event Pass to save PHP 1425! For only PHP 2999, you’ll gain an all-inclusive pass for all three public runs of our bestselling programs—the 3G: God, Gold, & Glory Tour on June 16th, the Colors of Manila Tour on June 22nd, and the Baybayin Crash Course on June 29th.

Buy the 3-in-1 Event Pass
to save PHP 1425!

For only PHP 2999, you’ll gain an all-inclusive pass for all three public runs of our bestselling programs—the 3G: God, Gold, & Glory Tour on June 16th, the Colors of Manila Tour on June 22nd, and the Baybayin Crash Course on June 29th.

This offer is valid until 16 June 2019 only.



Don’t take our word for it.

Our clients’ experiences can speak for themselves.
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Oh my goodness… I can’t rate this tour highly enough! Although I would consider this an amazing educational walk with a friend. Dustin simply knows his history like the back of his hand and after recalling some of my new found knowledge to a colleague, she felt like she had been on the tour with me, so well done to you Dustin as I feel privileged to have learnt it from such an inspiring individual who is passionate about history, his heritage and his clientele!!!
I went for a half day VIP tour with Dustin and it was amazing (not sure if it was actually VIP, but I certainly felt like it!). I’d previously only visited Manila briefly and didn’t get a sense of what the community and culture was about. Dustin gave insights into the history of the Philippines, in a completely accessible, relatable way, even for a history novice like myself. Seeing into the culture and social structures was what I loved the most. Dustin’s style is fun, personal and passionate, and justifiably so. I find this nation to be spectacularly beautiful, for both its beaches and beauty, as well as its innate culture and charm. What a find.
Wonderfully rich in history, culture, and fun. Good for all ages in that our eldest at 76 and youngest at 13 thoroughly enjoyed the tour. The pace was perfect and our tour guide Dustin was very engaging and entertaining. I highly recommended for your out of town guests!
We had Dustin for the 3G tour who was superb from start to finish. His knowledge of the topic was unparalleled and he was able to answer all queries raised. We enjoyed his anecdotal historical and personal commentaries about the Philippines as a country and as a people but also world history, culture and current events. Highly recommended to first-time travelers and locals alike!
These three hours really exceeded my expectations! Dustin had extremely high knowledge and was able to communicate the story in a great way. It truly gave a deeper understanding of the Filipino people. This tour should be mandatory to anyone doing business with the Philippines.
Are you a travelling for business in Manila with several hours to kill before boarding your flight home? Are you a history buff, an anthropology enthusiast, a sucker for stories wanting to know what makes the Philippines society tick? Do you enjoy the company of a jovial, knowledgeable, experienced guide to traverse centuries of Philippine history? Are you a connoisseur of desserts? If you answer yes to one or more of those questions, then this is the tour for you and Dustin is your man! Unlike a lot of tours that will take you to as many places as possible in the precious few hours you have, Dustin focused on few places that provide the biggest impact and offer the most insight into what makes the Filipino society what they are today. I left the tour wanting to return to Manila just to take more of his tours, seriously it is that good! Dustin, see you again hopefully sooner rather than later! Maraming salamat po!
I wasn’t sure what to expect with the Manila For A Day 3G tour but have to say it exceeded any kind of city tour I’ve taken. Definitely recommended! Having grown up in Manila (but now based in Canada) I loved their approach to history – as our guide Dustin said at the start, this isn’t stuff we were taught in school. Each part of the tour reflected a distinct part of Philippine history that I’ve either forgotten or just didn’t care to remember – but really should have. Most importantly, they helped trace why these events have made such an impact on the Philippines and Filipino people. Walked away with a much deeper understanding of why our culture has developed the way it has – and what we have to look forward to.
I think Dustin’s 3G tour should be the very first thing you do if you’re visiting the Philippines for the first time. I went on his tour early in my trip and used a lot of the cultural tips he gave throughout my trip. The entire experience is one I won’t forget. He was incredibly knowledgeable and led one of the most amazing tours I’ve ever seen. He taught us about Philippine history and culture in a fun, honest and insightful way. Our tour lasted 4+ hours, but it felt like only a few minutes. I’ll be sure to take another one of his tours next time I visit Manila. It’s a can’t miss experience!
Dustin was one of the most knowledgeable and engaging tour guides I’ve ever met. His expertise on Philippine history is unparalleled, and he’s a natural storyteller who was able to create an enlightening narrative for both foreigners and Filipinos to appreciate local culture more. I left the tour with a fresh perspective on Philippine history, and I would definitely book a tour again in a heartbeat!
I don’t even know where to begin. Our Manila for a day tour had been such an eye opener for us, me especially because I was born and raised here in the Philippines and migrated to California. Dustin was theeeeee best. He explained everything and made the tour so interesting not only for me but my family (my husband Mexican -American, my 17-year-old daughter and my 14-year-old son. He literally brought me to tears because I felt so proud of my Filipino heritage. This tour is a must do for anyone visiting the Philippines. We have so much to be proud of. Thank you Dustin for taking us on this memorable tour. I hope everyone takes this tour with you.


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